a Star is poured



LaLa Land was a snapshot: “an actress pursues her Hollywood dreams for a few years.”

Whiskey will be the movie: spanning three decades, a girl ages gracefully as she survives decades of Hollywood sexism, heartbreak and loss, to weave an epic tale of redemption.

In perfect harmony with the zeitgeist, like Tarantino’s instaclassic, Whiskey mixes and matches real events and fiction. Auto- biopic vignettes of Leo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Jared Leto create period piece slices of mid 90’s Hollywood, which lead up to 

a present day industry insider story.

Whiskey will go down as the perfect chaser to these film masterpieces.

It's been 24 years at this writing (July 2019) since Matt Damon suggested to CeCe the idea of writing an autobiopic about her life as a struggling actress in Hollywood.

Yeah, the movie could have been made years ago but perhaps, like a good Scotch Whiskey, it needed to age a bit. 



Whiskey the girl, like Whiskey the Scotch, is a newcomer in the pantheon of Stars. 

A BRIEF HISTORY OF WHISKEY: Whiskey was a relative newcomer when it was first concocted 5 centuries ago. Tea, Wine and Beer had been around for Millenniums.  

Whiskey, Known as "Aqua Vitae" or "Water of Life," was invented by Italian monks as a curative, imbued with Holy healing power. The Reformation shifted Whiskey into a more recreational elixir. Ironically, our heroines  journey follows a similar path from Church obscurity, to a widely celebrated star. Aged like the drink, a Saintly amber Halo surrounds our heroine, (Flick)ering light emanates...In a surprising FINISH, the original curative powers are restored to WHISKEY.

IN TALKS WITH: Charlie Corwin (SK Global) Will Wallace (Terence Malick) Millennium (Avi Lerner) Brad Cummings (The Shack/LionsGate) Crystal Sky (Marvel) 7 LIONS, has informally given permission to use their HIT SONG "Born to Run."


ChristianVistaStudios was birthed in 2010. Christian Mark Christian‘s vision is to bring back the faith and family-friendly sensibility of Walt Disney’s original Powerhouse Studio.

Like Disney, Christian began as a talented sketch artist. In high school in Biloxi Mississippi, Christian’s sketches won him several awards in local art shows. Offered a full art scholarship to Ole Miss, he opted to  join his USC architect grad brother in L.A. instead. He studied film, fine art and art history at Santa Monica College and went on to a promising career as a fine artist. Marrying an actress (CeCe, divorced in 2012) in 2001, changed his career trajectory. Making short films, spec commercials and writing feature film scripts, Christian never left his approach to filmmaking (colored by his background as a fine art portrait painter) behind; all movies are essentially portraits to him. To pay the bills, Christian took jobs as BG and crew on almost 200 Hollywood film, TV and commercial productions, working for Clint Eastwood, Sam Mendes, Cameron Crowe, Christopher Nolan And numerous other greats.

Christian comes from a long line of Hollywood film professionals, starting with his grandfather who was a studio lighting technician at Warner Bros. during the silent film era. Christian‘s Uncle Jim Bissel  worked for top Hollywood stunt flyers Paul Mantz and Frank Tallman, finally ending up as Walt Disney’s private pilot until Disney passed. It is this childhood inspiration/connection that in part, motivates Christian‘s desire to re-birth what has grown into the most successful entertainment venture of all time. 

CECE CHRISTIAN is a writer, producer and Meisner trained SAG actress who has worked in a wide variety of capacities in Hollywood. 

She is a top professional hand model, most recently for Google, APPLE and Hewlett-Packard. 

CeCe has acted with, stood-in, photo-doubled or hand-doubled for Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sandra Bullock, Elizabeth Banks, Eva  Longoria and many others.  

Most recently she was invited by producer Adam Ambruso, to participate in a high-level studio deal involving Paramount pictures and Stan Lee’s Atlas comic franchise.  In April of 2019, in Cannes, France, under Ambruso‘s tutelag,  CeCe met notables such as Avi Lerner, (Rambo) Jon Voight, Charlie Corwin (Jackie)  and many others. 

Fall of 2019  finds CeCe in talks with a top CBS TV star and pitching to a multiple Oscar winning European director.




CeCe on Oscar nommed set of CAKE with Jennifer Aniston.



L to R: CeCe, Emmy Newman, Noah Thorne, Afton Jillian.

Shooting on RED


 Whiskey co-writer CMC, directs pitch trailer shoot on location, Hollywood.

Amira & CeCe


Actress/Producer/Bestie Amira Dahan and CeCe, schmoozing at an industry party.


Auditioning YOUNG LEO, 

Young Leo & Young Whiskey BOOK the trailer!



Carousing between takes!